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Mobile Cell-ebrities

For those who have spent nights out on the town in LA or New York, celebrity sightings are nothing new. I’ve lived in both cities and have had my fair share of friendly encounters. Instead of retelling the story of how I rubbed shouldered with the rich and famous, I have begun to take video on my cell phone of celebrities in action. I have a few videos that I’ve uploaded and shared with my friends.

Set up a website where people can upload their random encounters with the stars which they will record on their mobile devices. Basically allow a large group of people to share their hob-knobbing stories. The most popular videos will win cash prizes and users can view videos on the site or subscribe to receive the most popular video of the week on their phone. If the video is recorded on the phone it should be able to be viewed on a phone. Special events such as concerts, professional sporting events, Celebrity after-parties could all have their own categories as well and expand.

Now I do realize that this idea probably has an inherent sleazy component that is too strong for my liking. Also, it might be classified as just another YouTube copycat. The underlying theory is that a powerful and overlooked feature of mobile devices is its ability to record and capture anything at anytime. As people become more comfortable with using their phones for more than just phone calls they will begin to whip out their media-capturing device every chance they get. The “oh man you should have been there” story will change to the “watch this” story.

Would love to hear some ideas. Is there a better way than celebrity spying to embrace the idea of capturing your magic moments forever?

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