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Online Profile Control Room

I have a MySpace page, a Friendster account, a LinkedIn network, a Facebook profile, accounts on flickr, youTube and Revver, three different fantasy sports leagues, and a bunch more accounts that I can’t even remember. Even more disturbing, social networking sites are becoming more nice oriented leading to more accounts (there are now two communities competing for dogs)

There needs to be a way to aggregate and streamline some of this “social networking” information. It would be great to upload a photo only once and have it automatically added to every account. Account information, friend information, email notifications, and new feature emails should all be condensed and viewed in one place.

Yes, my tech friends, I understand this would be an API nightmare and perhaps even impossible. But there definitely are better ways to more efficiently organize social networking information. Keeping track of login and passwords, allowing users the ability to track URL’s from photobucket or flickr and then track which photos they have on each site. Matching friend’s emails with their accounts to help create connections across different communities. Also, it would be great to forward all those annoying notification emails to be read and reviewed together.

Hopefully, it is possible to interface with some of the communities making the experience even more efficient.

The Web 2.0 has created an explosion of new content, features and websites. It seems natural that there will be a shake-down and organization of all this new information before it becomes overwhelming. Email, instant messenger, job search websites, and RSS feeds are all products that can be advanced and made more efficient with a better user experience if there is ability aggregate and streamline information.


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